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Agata Andrzejewska

Sworn Translation and Interpretation Agency

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What we offer


(written texts – including officially certified texts)


• all types of general documents

• specialist texts

• academic, scientific, and media articles and press releases

• websites, advertising materials, and catalogues (offers)




Editing services


We offer editing and proofreading of translated texts. This service includes corrections and suggestions with respect to grammar, lexicon, and style, as well as certification of existing translations.

Interpretation (oral texts)


• consecutive interpretation during official meetings, sessions, and conferences

• consecutive interpretation during trainings and foreign trips (visits to Poland by foreigners and for Poles travelling abroad)

• sworn interpretation during legal acts in the offices of notarized civil lawyers (creation of companies, shareholder meetings, conclusion of official contracts)

• sworn interpretation in civil administrative offices (submission of documents and oaths for marriage, marriage ceremonies, birth certificates and other procedures involving children, other types of administrative procedures)

• sworn interpretation in institutions of public administration (courts, prosecutors’ offices, police stations, border control institutions, others)


• ELI Lilly

• Holiday Tours

• Flokatex

• Excor

• Janmor

• Urząd Miasta Łodzi (Lodz City Council)

• Uniwersytet Łódzki (University of Lodz)

• Akademia Humanistyczno – Ekonomiczna (Institute of Humanistic and Economic Studies)

• Belfor

• Redan SA

• Toya

• Hexeline

• Indesit

• Uniwersytet Medyczny w Łodzi (Medical University of Lodz)

• Rex-Bud

• Technologie Ekologiczne

• Flint Schmidt

• Polpharma Biuro Handlowe

• Salmi

• HTL High Tech Lab

• Gamet Polska

• Autobar Packaging Polska

• Polish Investments & Acquisitions

• Real Biuro Obrotu Nieruchomościami (“Real Biuro” Real Estate Office)

• Intetrade Patio

• Opal Property Developments

• Geplastyk

• Wheelabrator Schlick

• Fastline

• Conmed Linvatec


• Tilia

• LekAm

• Kancelarie radców prawnych
(Office of Legal Councillors)

• Kancelarie adwokackie
(Office of Trial Lawyers)

• Kancelarie notarialne
(Office of Notarized Civil Lawyers)

• Fundacja LuxProMonumentis

• Szpital Św. Jana Bożego w Łodzi
(St. John’s Hospital in Lodz)


A brief history


The Agata Adrzejewska Sworn Translation Agency was officially created to continue my professional translation and interpretation activities. These activities arose from my interest in linguistics and the craft of translation. My knowledge and skills were acquired first during my philological studies carried out at the Institute of English Studies, specialized translation track, of the University of Lodz (Masters degree). During my studies I also took part in language programs and foreign studies abroad.


After graduation I completed post-graduate certificate programs in translation and interpretation (a two-year program offered by The Centre for Modern Translation and Interpretation Studies of the University of Lodz) and in project management (at the Faculty of Management and Organization of the Technical University of Lodz). During my post-graduate studies I worked with translation agencies, business firms, and individual clients. In 2004 I obtained my official license as an English-Polish sworn translator. Since that time I have translated all types of documents which require stamped certification, and work with a number of firms (see partners) in need of translation services on a regular basis, as well as interpretation at important meetings and trainings.


I also translate and interpret for institutions of public administration (courts, police, prosecutors, border control officers) as well as individual clients in need of legal documentation from notarized civil lawyers.


I am an active member of TEPIS (Professional Association of Sworn, Court and Specialized Translators) the largest and most prestigious professional organization for sworn translators and interpreters in Poland, actively engaged in establishing and monitoring the standards and execution of the profession. I also have a certificate of excellence in technical translation, awarded by the Polish Supervisory Technical Organization.


About us



Today the Agata Adrzejewska Sworn Translation and Interpretation Agency offers its translation and interpretation services from and into most of the major European and global languages. Because the Polish people have a history of migration to all corners of the globe, and especially taking into account the ease of modern day travel and the increasing elimination of border restrictions, today more than ever Poles residing abroad as well as foreigners residing in Poland (temporarily or permanently) need certified translations of their official documentation concerning all aspects of their activities – family, education, work, property registration, and business deals. Business firms also are in need of many certified translations to establish their offices and branches in foreign countries.


Our translation team consists of highly qualified and experienced translators and interpreters, most of whom are also sworn translators, all of whom have a history of completing orders with a high standard for individuals, firms, and institutions. By working with known and experienced translators and interpreters, we are able to guarantee punctual and high quality results in our realization of the tasks entrusted to us, as well as the  maintenance of complete confidentiality.


We heartily invite you to review our offers and, in order to prove our quality and experience, we list below a representative sample of our satisfied clients. Above all, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!


Price Quotes

Translation (written texts)

Prices for written translation of non-certified documents are calculated based on computer pages

(one page = 1500 characters with spaces)

Prices for written translation of certified documents are calculated based on an official definition of a computer page

(one page =  1125 characters with spaces)


Translation into Polish

Translation into foreign languages

Net sum PLN

Gross sum

(including VAT) PLN

Net sum PLN

Gross sum

(including VAT)

English, French, German, Russian





Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovakian, Lithuanian, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian










Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Byelorussian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Norwegian





Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Latvian










Interpretation (oral texts/presentations)

Minimum accounting unit = 1 hour or 1 bloc

Hourly calculation
(1 hour)

Bloc calculation
(4 hours)

Net sum PLN

Gross sum
(including VAT)

Net sum PLN

Gross sum
(including VAT)

English, French, German, Russian





In the event you need translations or interpretation from or into languages other than those listed above, please contact us.


1.  In the event of translations (written texts), fractions of pages count as a full page (for example one-half page counts as one page; four and one half pages count as five pages, etc.)

2.  In the event of interpretation work, each fraction of an hour counts as one hour (for hourly rates) and each fraction of a bloc counts as one bloc.

4. In the event of interpretation assignments outside the Lodz region, the client covers the costs of transportation to the interpretation site. The price of interpretation assignments which take place on Sundays or on holidays is double the standard price.

 5.  Requests for translations of more than five pages from one day to the next (express requests) are subject to an additional 50% charge.

 6.  Requests for translations of more than ten pages from one day to the next (express requests) are subject to an additional 100% charge.

7. Rebates may be offered or negotiated for large orders.

 8. The cost for certification of a translated document equals 50% of the cost for translation of the same.

 9. Additional copies of certified translations may be obtained for 30% of the cost of the translation.

10. In the following instances additional costs of between 20% - 50% may be charged (subject to negotiation):  translation of highly specialized texts, handwritten texts (not including handwritten technical texts), translation from illegible or smeared copies, texts containing tables and charts, texts presenting unusual difficulties.

Agata Adrzejewska
Sworn Translation Agency


Open Monday-Friday, 9:00 – 17:00 (9am – 5pm)

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E-mail:  biuro@agata-andrzejewska.pl


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